A married man on a dating site: how to calculate him?

Currently, with the help of a dating site, many girls are trying to find a man with whom they can build a serious relationship, whom they can marry. Ladies actively communicate on the Internet, make many acquaintances with young people, so that they have someone to choose their life partner from.

There is nothing wrong with online dating. But there is one problem: sometimes married men sit on dating sites, with whom it is impossible to build a serious relationship. In order not to get attached to such a young man, not to break her heart in the future, a girl should be able to figure out such already during correspondence. How can I do that? To do this, you should know the signs that married men give out.

Doesn't press or manipulate

If a man does not shower a girl with compliments, does not find out the details of how she lives and with whom, then we can assume that such a young man is married. He will just have an idle conversation, show respect. The correspondence will resemble some kind of business conversation. Such a young man would not suggest going to a cafe right now or taking a walk.


Regularly, but not very often replies to messages

Married men don't have much free time. They need to devote their free time from work to their wife, child, go to their parents. In the evenings, such a man will not appear on the dating site. It will only write early in the morning on weekends, such as Saturday, and then disappear until Monday. He will be in touch in the mornings and on weekdays, during the working day he will also send several messages.

Talking about being busy at work

Of course, girls love hardworking young people. But do not trust a man who rarely gets in touch because he is busy with work. In fact, he is busy with household chores, playing with children, raising them. There is simply no place for virtual girlfriends in his real life.

Has no social media pages

In fact, a married man may have them. The fact is that he will not want to add a new acquaintance as a friend, so as not to arouse suspicion among his friends, his wife. And on the page he has a lot of pictures with children, with his wife. If a virtual friend sees them, she will probably stop communicating.


Doesn't give a phone number

You can find a person on social networks by phone number, but a married man does not need this. He also does not want a girl to call him at the wrong time, for example, when he is spending time with his family. A married man would prefer to simply continue virtual communication.

Doesn't want to date in reality

A single encounter may occur on rare occasions, but it does sometimes. Correspondence with a married man will go on for months, he will answer evasively to the girl's offers to meet, he will look for excuses for himself. As a result, communication will stop over time, because there will be nothing to talk about, the relationship will not develop.

On a dating site, a married man spends time to have some fun, to distract himself from his routine, from everyday worries. Do not think that he will have serious intentions in relation to a new acquaintance from the Internet. It is better for a girl who meets on the Internet to give preference to those men who do not behave in the described way.