Online dating: which men are best to avoid?

Dating sites offer good prospects for finding new friends and life partners. However, there are types of men, communication with whom only spoils the mood and does not bring anything positive. What should you pay attention to before the meeting takes place?

Template phrases and constant rush

Even at the first stages of acquaintance, you should think about the advisability of further correspondence if:

• Communication begins with the phrase: "Hello, will we meet?" It is strange that a man who did not give any information about himself and did not learn anything about a new acquaintance immediately offers to meet. In fact, he doesn't care who. The phrase that “why waste time on correspondence” is just an excuse.

• In communication, stereotyped calls immediately appear: "pussy", "sun", "bunny", "baby". Of course, such words can be pleasant, but they are also a sign that a man immediately seeks to violate the distance and boundaries of personal space. Often, such addresses simply save you from having to memorize the names of new acquaintances.

• Almost immediately, a man asks for a phone number, links to pages on social networks. In this case, you need to think about the degree of trust in a new acquaintance and readiness to immediately let him into your life. It may be best to limit yourself to chatting on a dating site for now.

• Messages are like collections of love poems. Of course, it will be nice to receive beautiful poems, colorful pictures with flowers and inscriptions. However, this approach is also a sign that a man initially does not want to think about how to interest a woman, waste time and energy. It is much easier to write template messages to several interlocutors at once, and then wait for the initiative in the dialogue from them.

You need to be more careful with those who immediately declare the search for a wife, love for life. Such seriousness attracts attention, and it may seem that there is no better option on the entire site. However, often such men either insist on a sharp and quick rapprochement, or they can correspond for months (years) without any specifics. The phrase about finding a wife may well be just a cover.


Mercantile interest and common manipulations

It is unlikely that online communication will give pleasant emotions if a man:

• Overly concerned about housing and wages. Obsessive questions about the availability of any property (apartment, car, house) and income may at first cause confusion, and then even reluctance to continue the dialogue. Such a man is hardly interested in the woman herself, but only her social status and living conditions are important.

• Obsessed with an intimate topic. You can also get acquainted on the site with those who, by all sorts of tricks, strive to get as many photos and videos with intimate overtones as possible. Usually, a new acquaintance first praises the photos in the profile, and then emphasizes how good it would be to see more frank ones. Sometimes he himself sends intimate photos in correspondence, expecting the same from his new acquaintance. Communication is reduced exclusively to the discussion of the sexual sphere of life.

• Often uses all kinds of manipulations. At first, a man can say a lot of compliments, give colorful cards and presents, and then suddenly start to ignore messages. He can start talking about a joint future, and then emphasize that he is not yet ready for a relationship. For manipulation, stories about former and even current partners are also used. Usually the purpose of this is for a new acquaintance to strive to become better than her "rival", to feel sorry for, help, and endowed with the missing affection and love.

To get acquainted on a dating site for a serious relationship is quite real. The main thing is not to rush, to carefully study the profiles of new acquaintances. You need to monitor how a man communicates, what he writes, how he characterizes himself and the world around him.