Online dating with foreigners: pitfalls. Is it worth it?

Foreign men are often very attractive to the female half of our society. They beckon us with their mystery, the opportunity to break out to a higher standard of living and arrange their own, marrying a kind of "prince". The girls are sure, THERE is definitely "the grass is greener", but is it so?

They sign up to dating sites by the hundreds and post their best photos. They often read tips for communicating with foreigners. They run to foreign language courses and actively study the culture and traditions: Germans, French, Australians, Americans and even Japanese (who knows, maybe happiness awaits in the Celestial Empire). In general, anywhere in the world, although there are priorities. But now is not about that.

Where are the pitfalls of such acquaintances hidden? It would seem that everything looks as easy as shelling pears. Grooms want a gentle, kind, affectionate and beautiful Slav woman (preferably younger and with natural beauty), and the bride wants a secure, reliable, not greedy (remember this moment), caring (also remember), for example, a German. And here is the very same "found a scythe on a stone." Because, dear ladies, most likely the "prince" will be already in years or even strongly in years, either divorced from children (whom he loves very much and they live with him a week after a week), or a bachelor who has given his whole life to work and has no idea. .. and how is it to live with a wife and generally a long-term relationship. But these are all trifles, a man only gets better over the years, at least there is such an opinion. What about not greedy? Caring?

Understanding. We all know well what kind of women are today, at least in European countries. They are independent, quietly and methodically suppressing everything masculine in men and trying to compete with them, to be on an equal footing. Therefore, the expected care and gifts from a man will not have to be expected. You will not be showered with jewelry and donated cars, opening doors for you, serving a coat or carrying a heavy bag. But you will travel, yes, they love it. And yet, all by herself, all by herself. Ladies, you yourself will solve your problems. Savings will be your middle name! Because THERE the grass is greener and life is more expensive; like the taxes above, the fines are hefty, and housing with all the amenities (from water and electricity to garbage disposal) is EXPENSIVE. AND EXPENSIVE everything related to service. I remember that it was the favorite word of my German friend. And your man will look sideways and twitch nervously if you use up too much water or do not turn off the light. Or you spent too much on your beauty. Therefore, it is simply necessary to work for yourself and for yourself. And it is not easy to leave for a foreign country. Especially the early years. The topic is long and exciting, but we are not talking about that now.

It is you who will have to look after your beloved foreigner (Italians are excluded here). Yes, since men used to take care of girls, but here it is the other way around. Competition! You will not look, another beauty will take you away. Until you get married - be on the lookout. And you can also get on this, and this often happens, for an amateur to experiment in bed, even a perverted something. The topic is very intimate and controversial, but it is better to find out in advance the preferences of a man from distant countries.


We will not disregard the "eternal" suitors who have been sitting on websites for years and content with correspondence, sometimes even with several ladies at once. These will promise a lot, say beautiful words, write a lot and dream ... a lot and dream out loud about your wonderful joint future, which, alas, will never come (in secret to the whole world). Because, yes, it won't even reach the first meeting! The little man will merge! Each time referring to difficult circumstances, your meeting will be constantly postponed until you get bored and you finish the correspondence. By the way, some people marinate their "victims" for years. And break the hearts of naive women. Especially those who are "for ..." (the number at your discretion). A cool head and a clear mind are needed here. There is no meeting during the year, we say goodbye, and we have a couple more candidates in reserve. Next come the "guest performers". These ride to meetings, having prepared the lady in advance for an intimate relationship (well, that is their goal). There are also “almost married”. There even seems to be a relationship, and meetings and confessions, and plans for a joint future. But, in fact, no one is going to marry you. Such a guest relationship. Which, I want to say, often suits both.

Summarizing. Of course, one size fits all. And the cases are different, and people are different, and there are often exceptions. You can find the love of your life on the site, such a foreigner of your dreams. Get married and settle down well. And to find your happiness, somewhere where they don't speak their native language. However, to approach this matter thoroughly and without losing vigilance. Do not forget about the well-known intuition, it works 100%! Check everything and not be naive. And sometimes you just need to look around, or maybe your neighbor is the ultimate dream? And at home it's good when love and happiness, and warm in the heart, and there is no need to leave.