Pick-up man: what betrays him?

Many girls dream of a young man doing beautiful deeds for them, so that he flirts with them, looks after them, takes care of them. But the ladies point out that a man capable of all this is rare. When they meet a guy who flirts, who is active, they rejoice, they understand that they have met their happiness. But young ladies should remember that not in all cases they need to rejoice.

The fact is that a charming young man who skillfully flirts and speaks beautiful words may turn out to be a pick-up artist who is interested in relationships for a very short time. How can a lady understand that her boyfriend belongs to this category? To do this, she should pay attention to some signs.


Calls in 3 days

It is a mistake to think that the pick-up artist will act quickly. The lady can give him her phone number and start waiting for the call. But the latter will not be heard in a day or two. The pick-up artist will call on the third day to make the lady suffer, to whet her interest in herself.

A man is confident in himself

In seduction courses, pickupers are one of the first to work on this quality, because it is the most important for seduction. A self-confident man will quickly make a girl believe that she has met her ideal, that she will never find anyone better than him. Outwardly, the pick-up artist will seem confident and calm. But in fact, he can try his best to keep his face in order to be cool in the eyes of the girl.

A man will flirt with other girls

And he will do this in the presence of his chosen one. He will behave this way on purpose. Pikaper knows that the forbidden fruit is sweet, that the girl, when she feels the competition, will be even more interested in him. He will not meet anyone in the presence of a lady, but he will demonstrate to her what interests him not only she.


The man will maintain tactile contact

Touching brings people closer together, making them feel like one whole. A young man who is interested in a long-term relationship understands that he will still have a chance to enjoy the touch of his chosen one, so he will not rush. The pick-up artist will touch the lady from the very beginning of their acquaintance in order to accelerate the rapprochement, in order to bring closer the moment of intimacy that he so longs for.

Acquaintance happened in a non-standard situation

Pickupers are looking for unusual places and ways to meet a girl. This is how they want to attract attention to themselves, to make an impression. At the same time, the lady will have the feeling that insincerity is in the air, that the man is not telling her something.

If a lady observes several of the listed signs, then she needs to move away from the young man and end the relationship with him. So she will be able to maintain her psychological health and not be disappointed in men.