The girl refused to meet: why could this happen?

Not only girls, but also young people dream of improving their personal life. Any man understands that young ladies like decisiveness, perseverance, and the ability to take the first step. To increase his chances of success, at the beginning of a relationship with a lady, the guy will take the initiative, make attempts to get acquainted.

But a young man, even if he tries, makes an effort, can get rejected by the lady. This will upset him greatly, knock the ground out from under his feet. A man may decide that the problem is in him, that he is not very interesting and not very attractive. But in fact, young ladies are refused for completely different reasons. There are several of them.

The man did not like

And this does not mean that the guy is bad or ugly, stupid. He just did not like a particular lady. A girl may have her own preferences, her own ideas about the ideal. A young man will surely have a chance to find one that will like him for who he is.


A lady can devalue everything that a gentleman does, she can think that he cannot do anything good without a "magic kick". This is how hatred towards the male sex is manifested. You don't need to strive for a relationship with such a girl at all, you can even rejoice at her refusal. The fact is that with her the young man will only suffer and suffer.

Financial component

If a man is not very rich, and it is important for a girl to be wealthy, then she will not let him close to her. And this happens not only in the case of mercantile ladies. A young lady may simply not want to solve any financial problems that will arise in the family in the future, she will want to shift them onto the shoulders of a man. If a guy has nothing for his soul, then the lady will doubt that she will be able to lead the way of life that is attractive to her.

Communication started incorrectly

Not all signs of attention to a particular girl may be liked. A guy may consider it normal to touch a young lady from the very first minutes of acquaintance, but this behavior will seem unacceptable to her. The young lady also may not understand the jokes of a man. If the girl refused, then it may well be that the man simply approached her the wrong way.



The girl wants to hide behind the young man, she has a desire to feel protected next to him. If the guy is unsure of himself, and this will be noticeable, then the lady will reject him. She doesn't want to be with someone she can't rely on.

The man whom the girl refused should understand why this happened. If he works on himself, changes something in his behavior, chooses different types of young ladies with whom he will get acquainted, then he will probably be lucky next time.