Unsuccessful date: how to end it?

A date is a joyful event for any girl. The lady is actively preparing for him in order to make a pleasant impression on the young man with whom the meeting is scheduled. But sometimes it happens that the girl regrets that she tried so hard, because the meeting turns out to be unsuccessful, brings not joy, but disappointment.

The girl will want to end such a date as soon as possible. In this case, she should not simply leave. It is very important to behave correctly, to take into account the atmosphere that prevails during the meeting.


There was a desire to remain friends

A lady goes on a date with the hope that she will meet her love. But, in the process of meeting, she can understand that this is not destined to come true, that a man is sitting in front of her with whom she would like to make friends. A lady should honestly admit this to a young man. She can say that she had a great evening, that she liked the guy's company, that he is an excellent conversationalist. The young lady needs to add that she is looking for friendly relations with him, that she will be glad if they work out.

The man turned out to be rude

Swearing and vulgar words, unflattering statements about others - all this will pour from the lips of a rude person. A girl will feel uncomfortable next to such a guy. She should not tolerate inappropriate behavior, stay close to a man. You just need to come up with a good reason, for example, the iron left on, the need to prepare for exams, and just leave. It's never worth approaching a rude guy again, because he can begin to show aggression, which will be not only unpleasant, but also dangerous.

There was an awkward silence

Sometimes it happens that the guy and the girl have nothing to talk about. They will be silent during the meeting, they will feel awkward from this. In such a situation, you can act in different ways. The girl can step aside and call her friend, ask her to come, urgently call her somewhere. You can simply refer to urgent matters, leave your companion alone.

A lady shouldn't blame herself for a bad date. She is a wonderful person who just found herself in a society that suits him.