What questions to ask when meeting?

A person who is in search of a soul mate will not only think about where to find her. He will also mentally draw up a plan of action in case he sees someone similar to his ideal, will imagine how he will conduct a dialogue. Of course, you can and even need to improvise in order to remain natural. But you still need to prepare for communication with a nice person.

It is very important to know what questions to ask when meeting in order to attract someone's attention, to arouse interest in yourself. There are no universal advice here, since a lot depends on where the communication started.


What to ask when meeting in person?

If a person has decided to get to know each other in person, he should show determination and courage, not wait long, but immediately approach the one he liked. If the meeting took place on the street, you should immediately say hello, and then ask something natural. For example, you can clarify the road to some place, and then, having received an explanation, say that the route is not clear to the end. If the interlocutor responds to the request to escort to the desired point, you need not walk next to him in silence, but continue the conversation. During it, you can focus on what is around, celebrate the beauty of some sights, ask about their history. Such an unobtrusive conversation would be quite appropriate. At the end of the journey, it should be noted that I liked the communication. Next, you should offer it to continue, indicating its purpose. If the interlocutor agrees, then you just need to exchange numbers.

A person who meets at an event, such as a concert or quick meeting night, needs to be creative. As a rule, everyone comes to such places precisely for the purpose of communication, so it will be quite easy to make an acquaintance. When the dialogue has begun, you should start a conversation on a neutral topic. You can ask what kind of books the interlocutor likes, what genre he prefers in literature or cinema. You can clarify whether he likes to travel, in which countries he has visited. You can also ask about hobbies, favorite ways to spend your free time. Such discussions will allow you to find common ground, understand on what basis you can get closer to a person and continue communication in the future.


What to talk about when dating on the Internet?

Online dating is gaining popularity today. Many people are busy at work all day long, for this reason they do not have the opportunity to attend entertainment events. If a correspondence has begun with someone on a dating site or on a social network, then it must be actively pursued, not delayed with answers. At the same time, you should also take the initiative yourself by asking questions.

Having received the answer to the first message, you can ask the interlocutor for what purpose he is on the site, whom he wants to find. If your wishes are the same, you can ask about work and hobbies. You can discuss your favorite trends in music and cinema. Questions about travel, cooking, sports will also be appropriate. Themes of children's dreams, plans for the future can be raised safely. You can also ask about the holidays, about the traditions that are observed by the interlocutor during them.

You can also touch on the topic of relationships, ask about what you would like to get from them, what they should be. Having received the answers, one can make an assumption whether it is worth continuing the communication, whether a joint future is possible.


What should you not talk about when dating?

Although you can choose any topics for communication, taking into account the situation and the characteristics of the one who is nearby, you still need to remember that there are issues that should not be touched upon. These include politics and religion, since everyone has their own views, which can be radically different from the point of view of someone around them. And this quite often becomes the cause of a conflict, after which it will be very difficult to restore contact.

Although the topic of professional activity can be discussed, it is necessary to ensure that the fine line between interest and curiosity is not crossed. The second manifests itself when the conversation about work smoothly flows into a discussion about earnings, financial situation, financial opportunities. All this is tactless to discuss.

Even if you see a person for the first time in your life, there are always topics to discuss. You just need to take the initiative, try to raise different issues. Some of them will definitely resonate in the soul of the interlocutor.