What to say to a girl when you meet?

Meeting a beautiful girl is not a tricky business. A man can take a liking to a random lady at any time. It would seem that this is already a reason to start communicating with her. But sometimes a guy doesn't know where to start a conversation. This article will tell you what to say to a girl when you meet.

A modern man can use different means to expand his social circle. The easiest way is for him to start a dialogue with a lady on a dating site, where everyone has similar goals, where everyone is looking for interaction with an interesting person. It may seem that on such a site it is very easy for a guy to strike up a conversation with a girl he likes, to attract attention to himself and thereby solve all problems in his personal life.

But, in fact, the young man will have to try to achieve the desired result. He should prepare in advance for communication, decide what to say to the girl when meeting, so that she makes contact.


Where to start dating

The first impression is something that is not forgotten. It is important for a man to write such a first message to a young lady so that it "hooks" her. You should give your name, even though it is in the questionnaire, and then talk about what the purpose of the acquaintance is. As a rule, the guy wants to start a romantic relationship, but it is better not to state this directly, since this can frighten the lady off. It is better to note that it would be interesting to talk, get to know her better. If you add an unobtrusive compliment to this, then the girl will definitely not remain indifferent to the message she received.

What topics to talk about when meeting

A man should not be too persistent, show persistence where it is not required. After receiving a positive reaction from a lady to an attempt to start a dialogue, he should raise neutral topics in which everyone has varying degrees of interest. The ideal theme is cinema. The lady probably likes some kind of films, a certain genre. In the course of the conversation, it will be possible to determine what views she holds on different things.

Talking about travel is also not forbidden. Any young lady likes to visit some places, go somewhere. You can ask her to help you choose an interesting destination for your trip. In the process of such a dialogue, some memories of the vacation will surely come up, which can be discussed, get to know each other better. Gadgets, modern technologies - everyone uses these things. You can start a discussion about a new product, discuss the devices that you most often use. Such conversations will definitely find a response from the lady.

If a girl has photos with a pet in her profile, then it is worth raising the topic of animals. You can find out what breed a cat or dog has, what habits he has. It should be noted that the pet is beautiful and magnificent.


What you can't talk about with a girl

A man should be liberated, feel free during the first dialogue with a young lady, since nervous tension will not allow him to express himself. But at the same time, he should not allow himself all the liberties. When meeting, a young man should avoid some topics at all costs.

The topic of dieting is considered taboo. It doesn't matter if the young lady is thin or fat in the photographs. Speaking of losing weight, you can offend any representative of the fair sex, because she decides that she is being hinted that her figure leaves much to be desired. This is where the conversation will end, if it even has time to start.

There is no need to talk about money, financial issues either. This is true anytime, anywhere. The fact is that the financial situation, earnings are a delicate, personal matter. And a man may seem like a gigolo to a lady if he starts talking about money.

Although sex is an integral part of a romantic relationship, joking about it when meeting people is generally not worth talking about. The lady is most likely a romantic person who wants to see support and support in a man, and not a person who will only satisfy her physical needs.

When meeting a girl, a man should not be shy, look for the right moment for a long time, wait for something. It is important for him to maintain a balance between decisiveness and obsession, not to go beyond what is permissible. Then the young lady will definitely not reject him, she will give him a chance to show himself.