Which guy is easier to meet a girl?

Many guys find it very difficult to get to know a girl. But this opinion is wrong. In reality, it is very easy to make an acquaintance with a girl. This can be done in an extreme way. You just need to come closer to the girl and say hello loudly. This will throw her into a stupor. At this moment, you need to say your name to her with a smile. But you need to understand that for this method of dating, you can easily get a slap in the face or listen to a few hard-hitting words. So it's better not to use this method. Although it is worth noting that often this method of acquaintance bears fruit.

Usually funny and uninhibited guys use this method. And it is much easier for such guys to start a conversation with a girl. And these guys also have much more chances. They can conquer a girl with their courage, because not all guys can also easily meet.

It's not even about the words that need to be said when meeting. It's just that some guys, by virtue of their character, have a better chance of being a so-called pick-up artist. Therefore, let's take a closer look at male characters. This will allow us to understand which guys are easier to approach the girl.



This guy almost always initiates dating himself. The girl's appearance does not play a big role for him. Therefore, he can easily pay attention to the plain woman. Veselchak often wakes up in someone else's bed and then looks for his things for a long time.

Girls willingly get to know the merry fellows. Such a guy will surely cheer you up with jokes and anecdotes. In addition, he is sociable, so the girl next to him will definitely not be bored.

The merry fellow can be a very good gentleman. But not every girl will be able to constantly listen to jokes and funny stories. Besides, merry fellows don't know how to listen. And a girl often just needs to speak out to her boyfriend.

It is easy for a merry man to hook up any girl, but it will not work to build a serious relationship with him. Even having married a merry fellow, the girl will sooner or later get tired of being in constant fun.



Such a guy resembles a fisherman who is ready to wait for hours for a bite. He does not pay attention to unsightly girls. He wants to find the best girl. If such a girl appears on his horizon, then he will start the game. He will flirt and will try in every way to achieve her location. Usually these guys are well looked after. And from such attention, any girl can be enchanted.

If a merry fellow skips all the money, then a balanced guy knows how to value them. Therefore, he can give the girl gifts and flowers. He can also dance calmly to hold the girl by the waist.

He is sincerely interested in learning about the girl's life. He always has a plan for the future. In addition, he perfectly understands that with the help of money he will be able to conquer almost any girl.



You can not expect that he will be the first to get acquainted. It seems to him that the girl will definitely reject him. However, he can be very well-mannered and have a good appearance. Often times, for courage, such a guy can drink too much. So he tries to drown out his fear of dating a girl. But in this state, his appearance will be pitiful.

Experts believe that nerves negatively affect libido. Therefore, he will consider that there is no point in getting to know a girl. In addition, any conversation with a girl is difficult for him. It is much more comfortable for him to be silent. Due to nervousness, such a guy may stop looking after his own appearance. In this case, the chances of getting to know him are even less.

In the end, we can conclude that it is still much easier for a merry fellow to get to know a girl. Only life with such a guy is unlikely to be happy. In terms of a long-term relationship, a guy with a balanced character is better suited. But a girl should understand that such a guy can cheat.